Plant Diagnostic

Leaders of an organization must always have a image of the current situation of their plants.
The expert team from JES can help identify hidden opportunities that allow improvements in productivity and cost reductions.
We measure and compare against the Japanese standards of Excellence in accordance to JIPM Excellence award standards
The results of the diagnosis will allow the plants to establish strategies, methods and tools that will improve the performance of their business.

TPM Implementation

TPM was originally developed to improve the reliability of the equipment, however, currently TPM has evolved into an integral management system that can cover the whole supply chain.
The 8 key pillars in TPM and the organizational structure improves horizontal and vertical communication and allows us to achieve a sustainable World Class manufacturing process.
Although many companies have tried to implement TPM, few have been successful. Top management’s commitment and pledge to achieve Excellence throughout the organization and the discipline to persevere is what makes a TPM implementation successful.
The methodology takes you step by step in order to change the work culture and the company to a World Class organization.
Our approach is holistic and based on respect towards the workers. JES consultants will walk along with you in this transformational path towards Excellence that will bring dramatic results in the reduction of breakdowns, waste and costs.

Preparation for TPM Awards

JIPM launched the PM Awards system in 1964, to “strengthen the improvement of enterprise constitutions and contribute to the development of industry, by promoting the modernization of plant maintenance and the development of plant maintenance technologies.” (Extract from the JIPM website
The awards given by JIPM have a high standard of Excellence that allow us to assess the results achieved through the implementation of TPM. Our experience has shown that besides the great recognition and prestige that implies winning this prize, the TPM activities continue being dynamic, the staff motivated and preparations for the award allows us to review our strengths and weaknesses as well as threats and opportunities, consolidating the platform to push the organization to the next level of excellence.
JES has the expertise and knowledge to prepare plants that have been working with TPM and have achieved important results in order to receive audits for Excellence, Consistency, Special and World Class awards in accordance to the requirements and formats that JIPM demands.

TPM in Vehicle Fleet

The complexity to manage the vehicle fleet involves high costs and latest that impact the company’s results.. In order to achieve important results in safety and costs, it is essential to implement a continuous improvement system that can manage the primary, secondary and utility vehicle fleet.
The vehicle fleet has traditionally been a complex sector to which few pay attention to. Our program brings integration, motivation and synergy between the collaborators and with it, great economic benefits to the company.

TPM in Agriculture

JES is a pioneer in the implementation of TPM within the agricultural sector. The use of TPM tools in this field have shown surprising results.
The use of Lean and TPM tools have been shown to help optimize the life cycle of some crops in the agricultural sector.
Contact us for more information.

Implementation 5S

5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seisou, Seiketsu, Shitsuke)

Order, organization and cleanliness in all work areas is fundamental for the companies to reach higher productivity and a better la our environment.
5S will improve safety, visual aspects and the efficiency of operations. It applies to all areas of a company or organization and is an essential requirement to be able to implement Lean and TPM. 5S will also contribute to make all deviations easily visible in the work site or GENBA.

Implementation of LEAN Tools

JES can help you implement the Lean tools that increases client satisfaction through the elimination of activities that don’t add value and generate waste (Muri, Muda, Mura).
We believe that the Lean tools together with the TPM management system allow for the continuous improvement results be sustained over time.

Lean TPM in the Supply Chain

JES is a strategic ally in your quest to reach ZERO accidents, ZERO breakdowns, ZERO defects, ZERO losses and achieve important cost reductions throughout the supply chain.
We offer a new management system that integrates TPM pillars and Lean tools, and transforms the Supplychain into a harmonized flow that will improve client satisfaction and optimize the company’s resources and improve profitability.

Interpretation services


We support our clients with document translations and simultaneous/consecutive interpreting for consulting sessions, trainings, Health checks and Audits for TPM, Lean manufacturing and business meetings.
Thanks to the vast experience in these subjects, our interpreters will help you communicate with precision with your Japanese counterparts.

Online Consulting

Will be the beginning of this new consulting service for JES
This will allow us to follow up on specific activities that our clients are carrying out as well as reviewing cases or presentations for an Audit or Health Check in a quick and economic way.
The online consulting session has to be reserved directly with your consultant or if you are a new client, please write us an email to ask for information or make an appointment.