Who We Are

JES Japan Efficient Systems offers professional management consulting with proven experience of successful implementation in Japanese methodologies such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Toyota Production Systems (TPS), and TQM (Total Quality Management). Our goal is to lead the clients to achieve excellence through the implementation of experienced and innovative concepts.  JES helps create a competitive advantage through loss and waste elimination, optimization of operations and high added value activities. Dramatic results have been achieved such as 88 to 100% breakdown reduction, 30% cost reduction, 90 – 95% quality defect reduction, all in 5 years.  We have led many plants to the TPM Awards.

Our Team

Founded by CEO Sayuri Tsuru, JES has solid principles such as integrity, honesty, passion, and dedication.
Our Consultants are both, multilingual and Multicultural with vast experience around the globe.
Having worked in first class international companies in more than 20 countries, we are prepared for challenges that cultural changes bring within a corporation.
JES has a network of more than 500 experienced management consultants all over the world.
The company is based in Atlanta, GA (USA) and has partners and allies in Tokyo (Japan), Milan (Italy), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Cali (Colombia).

Our Solutions

JES provides high level of management consulting and solutions that are perfectly developed and tailored to our customers’ needs.
People centered integral approach.
Strategic planning for leading and managing change.
Multilingual Multicultural
Train the trainer approach for sustainable results.
Excellent Return over Investment.

Alliances & Partnerships

We believe in teamwork and we are lucky to have the best partners and allies in the industry.

Our Clients

Some of the clients we have worked with: