This training helps maintenance specialists and users configure the PM module in SAP even if you don’t have any previous experience. You will learn how to align the system structure with the TPM planned Maintenance model in order to take maximum advantage of the functions. Its made of the following coursed and it’s carried out in a period of 4 months.

  • The 7 Steps of SAP PM (1 day)
  • Optimization of the system’s master data (1 day)
  • Spare parts management in SAP MM and material back up (2 days)
  • Data management for abnormalities and breakdowns (1 day)
  • Time Based Maintenance and Condition Based Maintenance in SAP (2 days)
  • Reports, breakdown tree and information exploitation (1 day)

In this training we will design and start compiling data from manufacturing and create the loss tree structure with SAP. This training links the functions of the PP, PM and QM module. It is designed for the leaders of continuous improvement, production planners and users of the SAP system.

50% theory 50% practical

The QM Module trains quality assurance area managers, that may or may not have experience, to fully exploit the functions of this module to enable them to record quality information, build the defect tree, and calculation of the OEE quality index.